Fish are Friends, Not Decorations
Hey, my name is Nicole and this blog is mostly dedicated to my favorite hobby, fishkeeping, but lately has become more of a personal blog plus I've moved my Flight Rising posts here. Talk about a hot mess of a blog!

If you have any questions about freshwater fish or plant care, feel free to message me!

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Art by Addison Stone
Looking at these makes me think that he took inspiration from different nudibranchs. Either way, they’re gorgeous! Click on their name above to check out their art blog!

I took these pics at my university while waiting for class- didn’t find them online and repost them lol  

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    Ooohh haha. Yep total miscommunication on both our parts. Thanks! I’m actually in my sophomore year of art, junior year...
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    Ah no I meant the actual photos were not the ones I took when I hung them up ((yours are much better quality...
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